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Celebrity Skin Magazine Back Issue - Number # 81


Front Cover
Celebrity Skin # 81 magazine back issue Celebrity Skin magizine back copy celebrity skin magazine back issues no 81 1999 gwyneth paltrow covergirl hot celebs topless candid m

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Celebrity Skin # 81 Magazine
UPC: 07148601179881 | ISSN: 1075-0819
Volume 21 Issue # 11 Number 81


4 Idol Rumors
95 Skin Classic
Grin & Bare It!
6 Gwyneth Paltrow
8 Liz Hurley
10 Scary Spice
11 Sonia Braga
12 Madonna
13 Catherine Zeta-Jones
At Your Request
18 Gillian Anderson
20 Paula Barbieri
16 Laura Dern
23 Jessica Harper
22 Lauren Holly
19 Mira Sorvino
14 Madeleine Stowe
Video Vixens
92 Kimberly Blair
94 Jyl Dillon
90 Jayne Heitmeyer
88 Jeannie Millar
91 Kimberly Rowe
Film Buffs
40 Georgina Cates
36 Hayley DuMond
38 Alison Eastwood
35 Diane Lane
37 Nia Long
32 Rosie Perez
39 Elizabeth Perkins
34 Keri Russell
57 Anna Thomson
Rock Video Vamps
74Bobbie Brown
79 Helena Christensen
72 Jessica Hahn
66 Angelina Jolie
64 Tawny Kitaen
73 Juliette Lewis
62 Janine Lindemulder
76 Ginger Lynn
68 Tatjana Patitz
70 Alicia Silverstone
78 Jeana Tomasina
71 Liv Tyler

The Skinny
You know, we at SKIN pride ourselves on being witty and informative and all that, but we have to ask: What the hell are you doing reading this when there are new nudes of Gwyneth Paltrow on page 6?
Sure, we want to fill you in on everything this ish has to offer, in our usual wise-ass way. And yes, Catherine Zeta-Jones is Da Bomb, and she does look like her usual fantastic self smiling at you over there, even if she's wearing waaayyyy too much at the moment.
But are you mad, man? Go ahead, check out Gwyneth, leading off the Grin & Bear It section of CELEBRITY SKIN #81. And while you're at it, take a gander at the Liz Hurley shots, too; we like her alleged new attitude about paparazzi, in which she apparently figures if they're going to take nude shots of her, she may as well pose in as flattering a manner as possible. Oh, and did we mention we've got Catherine Zeta-Jones frolicking in the buff with Michael Douglas, whose ass was already wrinkled as a prune seven long years ago in Basic Instinct? Okay, so you won't be looking at Mike's ass...but you get the point. Go check out all there is to offer inside, and come back to us later.
So, how was it? Seriously, we're not insulted. A hearty rush of arousal beats a good chuckle any day of the week.
Hey, while you were nosing around in there, did you catch the Ravishing Rock Video Vamps section? We've got some of your favorite chicks as they appeared both on music television and in your wildest fantasies: Liv Tyler, Alicia Silverstone, Angelina Jolie, Tawny Kitaen and more!
And what about the Stars of The New Millennium Calendar, featuring the best of Hollywood's rising young hotties? We're talking Heather Graham, Denise Richards, Reese Witherspoon, Katie Holmes, Shannon Elizabeth and Jaime Pressly...and that's only half a year's worth!
Plus, there are some women you wanted so bad, you even took the time to write in and ask for them. Madeleine Stowe, Laura Dern, Gillian Anderson, and Mira Sorvino are among the stars we're featuring At Your Request.
Alright, already, get back to it—because if there's one unbreakable rule in Tinseltown, it is this: Never keep a naked actress waiting!


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