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Adam Black Video Directory Magazine Back Issue - Number #

Adam Black Video Directory # 3, 2000 magazine back issue Adam Black Video Directory magizine back copy

Adam Black Video Directory # 3, 2000 Magazine


13 Performers
47 Reviews
80 Award Winners
82 Best of the Rest
128 Mail Order Sources

This is our third edition of the Adam Black Video Directory and we're pleased to report that the ethnic porn medium is growing by leaps and bounds. Where we tried to give the most in depth look at the best videos and profiles of the top, all-time black performers with extensive credits, this time we're doing things differently. We are sllifting the focus to more of the new product and pofn stars who are creating a black wave like we have never before seen in the history of adult video.
The Performers Directory includes profiles of the current major performers and their best credits. We have focused on more than 50 full bins of stars, concentrating on current favorites, leaving out those who haven't worked in the past year or so.
There are all new full reviews of 124 top adult movies in the main Reviews section, plus more than 600 encapsulated reviews of older and highly rated movies we have reviewed in the past years in The Best of The Rest section.
In the Awards section, we pick the Top 25 movies of all time as well as the Top 20 series. We also mention prize-winning movies, performers and Hall of Fame films and members.
The movies have been picked for a number of reasons, the obvious one being they are, in our opinion, excellent examples of erotic entertainment. Others have been included for their historical significance, and many for a variety Of special features they contain. Many older titles, lower rated movies and features out of circulation have been eliminated.
The emphasis of this Directory is on feature movies in the black and interracial genre for their general appeal as well as the erotic factor. Of course, the movies differ in degree of effectiveness, so our ratings guide is based on two essential elements.
Eroticism is graded as Warm, Hot, or Volcanic. A movie that be highly rated for technical and professional reasons may still receive a Warm rating. On the other hand, a picture that is not very good for technical reasons may be Volcanic in its sexual intensity and delivery. We hope that singling out both aspects of a production will help you shape your erotic viewing choices.

The following legend is a brief breakdown of our star ratings:
***** A time-tested classic that no collector should be without. As of this date, no black and interracial titles have earned that honor, though we're still hoping.
**** An excellent picture, combining good production with superbly crafted sex.
*** A very good, highly entertaining product.
** An otherwise good erotic movie that has several major flaws.
* Not a very good show, but it may have some appeal because of subject matter.
The Source Directory is a full listing of companies by the products or services they provide. This section will greatly help those interested in building their own movie libraries as well as finding a local and/or reliable source for erotic entertainment.
The most complete, legitimate and widely respected directory of this nature ever published, as well as the only one, the Adam Black Video Directory is designed to give you full access to the ever-expanding black and interracial adult movie industry.


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