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Adam Film World Guide Directory Magazine Back Issue, Number # 14

Adam Film World Guide Directory # 14 magazine back issue Adam Film World Guide Directory magizine back copy
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Adam Film World Guide Directory # 14 Magazine


The 14th Edition of the Adam Film World Directory of Adult Films was a mind-boggling effort, due in part to the increase to 7,500 adult video releases in 1996. Most of what is being released is re-cut, repackaged and compiled from earlier releases. However, in the midst of the Great Flood of Hardcore, there are some genuine gems and innovative releases that continue to expand erotic horizons. Now, more than ever, it is essential to rely on informed opinion to help shape one's viewing choices. That is why we have narrowed down our reviews, paring down the older movies, while widening our coverage of new Performers this year. Don't begin this book until you read what amounts to our code of erotic ethics.
We proudly state our case for being the one source of ethics and integrity in adult video review commentary. That is why this book has become the bible on adult film criticism. While we acknowledge that movie criticism is a subjective medium, our acceptance by consumers proves we know whereof we speak. There are all new full reviews of 324 top adult movies in the main Reviews section, plus close to 1000 encapsulated reviews of classic and highly rated movies we have reviewed in the past six years in The Best of The Rest section. The movies have been picked for a number of reasons, the obvious one being that they are, in our opinion, excellent examples of erotic entertainment. Others have been included for their historical significance, and many for a variety of special features they contain. Many older titles, lower rated movies and features out of circulation have been eliminated.
This year, due to the continued interest in CD-ROMs, we have expanded our coverage and included other forms of new and interactive media along with Amateur and Fetish material. We have assembled a pro-active Directory of these types of releases to better aid you in your search for something in these fields. Rating these categories proves a difficult and pointless task. While one can comment on an erotic film, CD-ROM, Fetish and Amateur material has an appeal all its own. And each and every company and release we list offers something for everyone interested.
The emphasis of this Directory continues to be on feature films and videos for their general appeal as well as the erotic factor. Of course, the movies differ in degree of effectiveness, so our ratings guide is based on two essential elements.
Eroticism is graded as Warm, Hot, or Volcanic. A movie that be highly rated for technical and professional reasons may still receive a Warm rating. On the other hand, a picture that is not very good for technical reasons may be Volcanic in its sexual intensity and delivery. We hope that singling out both aspects of a production will help you shape your erotic viewing choices.

***** A time-tested classic that no collector should be without.
**** An excellent picture, combining good production with superbly crafted sex.
*** A very good, highly entertaining product.
** An otherwise good erotic movie that has several major flaws.
* Not a very good show, but it may have some appeal because of subject matter.

In the Awards section, prize-winning movies, classics and Hall of Fame films and members are identified. The Performers Directory includes profiles of major performers and their best credits. We are proud to say this section is truly a book within a book. We have focused on close to 200 full bios of stars, concentrating on current favorites, plus a few all-time greats. Considering most people would rather look at the women than the men, we feature female performers in the front of the Directory with larger photos. The males run in the Reviews section with smaller photos. Directors who have contributed to the development of erotic pictures are listed in the Moviemakers Index along with a selection of their best movies. Our Themes Index should prove helpful to anyone who has a special interest to satisfy. The Source Directory is a full listing of companies by the products or services they provide. The Retail Sources will help you find local outlets to rent and purchase the adult videos reviewed in this Directory.
The most complete, legitimate and widely respected directory of this nature ever published, Adam Film World's Directory Of Adult Films is designed to give you full access to the ever-expanding adult movie industry.

Jeremy Stone



94 Adams, Buck
8 Amore, Anna
8 Anderson, Nina
8 Andrews, Brittany
8 Ann, Lisa
8 Ann, Tammi
9 Ardell, Davia
9 Ariana
9 Ashley, Kaitlyn
9 Ashton, Juli
10 Bionca
10 Body, Holly
94 Borda, Al
94 Bowltree, Roscoe
94 Boy, T.T
10 Brantz, Nikki
10 Breeze, Crystal
94 Butts, Seymore
96 Byron, Tom
10 Canyon, Christy
14 Carrera, Asia
14 Carrington, J.R
14 Celeste
14 Chambers, Kim
18 Champagne
18 Channone
18 Chong, Annabel
18 Christian, Alexis
96 Claudio
18 Coxx, Sindee
96 Cummings, Dave
20 Dallas
20 Darrian, Racquel
96 Davis, Mark
20 Daye, Ariel
98 Decker, John
20 Deuce, Sid
24 Deveraux,Tricia
24 Diamond, Debi
98 Dough, Jon
98 Dover, Ben
98 Drake, Steve
100 East, Nick
24 Farrah
24 Felecia
24 Ferrari, Sophia
26 Fine, Jeanna
26 Foxx, Shyla
100 G., Mickey
26 Gere, Ashlyn
26 Gold, Crystal
30 Hall, Roxanne
100 Hardcore, Max
100 Hardman, Dave
30 Harper, Liza Rose
30 Hartley, Nina
104 Hatcher, Steve
30 Hayes, Taylor
30 Hill, Melissa
108 Homer, Mike
32 Houston
32 Hunter, Heather
32 Hunter, Paisley
32 Ice
38 Ireland, Kylie
38 Jacme, Janet
38 Jameson, Jenna
38 Janine
112 Jarvis, Will
38 Jenteal
116 Jeremy, Ron
40 Kataine, Kim
40 Keisha
40 Kelly, Jill
40 Kennedy, Patricia
44 Kia
44 Kiva
44 Knight, Madelyn
44 Kummings, Kimberly
44 Kyle, Kymberly
48 Lace, Chantilly
48 Lain, Chasey
48 Lake, Christi
48 Lauren, Dyanna
53 Laveaux, Shayla
53 Layd, Sally
53 Lee, Heather
53 Lee, Jordan
53 London, Nicole
56 Lord, Chantelle-fontain-porn-star">Rebecca
56 Love, Rachel
56 Lovette
56 Lynn, Micki
60 Lynn, Porsche
120 Mailbu, Biff
60 Malle, Anna
12 4Marcus, Mr
128 Martino, Tony
132 Masters, Rick
60 Menaja
60 McCullough, Shanna
136 Michaels, Sean
60 Million, Tyffany
64 Missy
64 Mitchell, Sharon
64 Monet, Melissa
64 Monroe, Kitty
140 Morgan, Jonathan
68 Mynx, Tiffany
68 Myst, Kristi
144 Nasty, Dick
68 Nicole, Kaylan
148 North, Peter
68 O'Connell, Brittany
68 O'Dell, Kelly
72 Olivia
72 Palmer, Laura
72 Paris, Victoria
72 Pendavis, Yasmine
74 Persia
152 Powers, Ed
74 Rage, Julie
74 2Rain, Misty
156 Rider, Sean
74 Rio, Alicia
74 Rome, Gina
76 Royalle, Candida
160 Sanders, Alex
76 Sands, Lana
76 Savage, Caressa
164 Savage, Rick
168 Schwartz, Scotty
76 Serenity
78 Shane
172 Siffredi, Rocco
176 Silvera, Joey
78 Simone, DoMonique
78 Sinn, Nikki
78 Sparxx, P.J
78 St. Claire, Jasmin
180 St. Croix, Steven
80 St. James, Jordan
184 St. Jox, Julian
188 Stagliano, John
80 Star, Marilyn
192 Steed, Jake
80 Sterling, Nici
80 Stevens, Shelby
82 Stevens, Tabitha
82 Suzuki, Suzi
82 Swift, Stepahnie
82 Tabitha
84 Tai, Kobe
84 Tatiana
96 Tedeschi, Tony
84 Thomas, Sunset
84 Toy
88 Treasures, Nico
88 Tyler, Nikki
88 Valentine, Stacy
88 Vee, Nancy
200 Vitale, Bobby
88 Vixxxen
204 Voyeur, Vince
208 Wallice, Marc
90 Wane, Taylor
90 Weigel, Teri
210 West, Randy
90 Wild, Chantelle-fontain-porn-star">Rebecca
90 Xtasy, Spantaneuus
90 Zee, Ona

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