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Boudoir Noir Magazine Back Issue - Number # 13

Boudoir Noir
Vintage Magazine Back Issues to Buy Printer Friendly Version of Boudoir Noir Magazine Cover Image and Contents Magazine Adult Database

Boudoir Noir

Boudoir Noir Front Cover

Boudoir Noir # 13 - Spring 1996 magazine back issue Boudoir Noir magizine back copy  Fetish Night,  Discovers Leather, Bondage BBS, SM Support Groups on Campus, Dungeons

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Boudoir Noir # 13 - Spring 1996 Magazine

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UPC: 77268779260713
ISSN: 1198-8452
Number 13


5 Piercing from the Colonel's Point of View
The Colonel talks about piercing from an Old Leather perspective.
8 Maddalena Di Gregorio
Fantasy becomes reality in the wearable art pieces of a Toronto sculptress.
10 Do It Yourself
Start Your Own Fetish Group - Can't find a support group in your area? Laura Goodwin shows you how to start your own fetish support group.
Start Your Own Fetish Night - Robert Dante shows you how to make a fun venue for'kinky friends and potential players to dance, socialize and share their love of latex, leather and BDSM.
14 0 Brave New World
A growing number of SMers are proving you can be a caring, loving parent and still have a kinky sex life. Photos by Ed McLaughlin; artwork by Andre Nobes.
Side article: Pregnancy and SM
Maly Dante (Dr. O) discusses how mothers-to-be can continue to play safely.
16 Ivy-Covered Dungeons
SM support groups on college campuses help students expand their horizons in this feature by Meredith Schwartz.
19 Boudoir Noir Report—Russian TV
Leathermen and women are peeking out of their closets in Russia and the media is waking up, according to Al Vol in Moscow.
23 Generation X-Perience
BOUDOIR NOIR extravaganza photographed by Zeigfried Brahm at Kurbash; text by Robert Dante.
4 Editorial
Antique laws bludgeon modern scapegoats.
4 Letters
5 Updates News from around the Scene.
20 FetNet
BBS's reviewed by Don Singleton.
21 Spotlight on: Seattle
33 Sightings
Books, videos and music reviewed.
38 In the Scene
Club listings, support groups, calndar of major events.

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