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DDI (Domination Directory International) Magazine Back Issue - Number #

DDI # 46 magazine back issue DDI (Domination Directory International) magizine back copy

DDI # 46 Magazine


2 Lady Sage (OH)
4 Domina Selina Raven (CA)
5 Sabrina Winter (NY)
7 Mistress Antonia (CA)
8 Mistress Cynthia (IL)
8 Mistress Diane (CO)
9 Ave Taurel (NY)
11 Janet Beckwith-Lord (CA)
14 Mistress Monica Masters (PA)
14 Mistress Genevieve (DC, MD)
14 Mistress Madeline (CA)
15 Mistress Foot Goddess (CA)
16 Domina Athena (TX)
16 Goddess MiUmma-porn-star">Rella (PA)
17 The Max Rulz (VA)
20 Mistress Pamela (OR)
20 Empress Destiny (CA)
21 La Domaine Esemar (NY) . .
22 DivaDiamond (CA)
23 Domina Drusilla Dread (GA) .. .
24 Mistress Scarlett (IL)
24 Dungeon Arts (IN)
25 Lady Kendra (MA)
26 Miss Colonic Cane (CAN)
26 Mistress Miranda (CA)
27 Mistress Arianna Revere (NY) .
28 Alcatraz (NY)
28 Goddess Brianna (MA)
29 Den of Iniquity (AZ)
30 Dominant Divas (FL)
31 Mistress Kymbra Bathory (NY)
32 Lady Laura's Dominion (CA)
34 Sabrina Ward (FL)
34 Mistress Allegra (OH)
34 Lady Atria (CA)
35 Mistress Catherine (CA)
36 Stiletto Lady Zophia (CA)
37 Domina Gael (NY)
38 Mistress Taylor Fallon (CA)
39 Mistress Morgana (MO)
40 Sanctuary (TX)
41 Mistress ElizaBeth (FL)
42 M. Cybelle Holiday (CA)
43 Miss Erica Kent (OH)
44 Mistress Blade (CA)
46 Mistress Alex (CA)
47 Dana Specht (CA)
48 Lady Lily Gardner (NJ)
49 Mistress Raven Payne (TX, DC, NY)
50 Mistress Victoria St. Cyr (CA)
51 Goddess Athena (OR)
52 Diva Devora (CA)
53 Mistress Electra (PA)
54 Amanda Wildefyre (MN)
55 Lady ElizaBeth's Passive Arts (CA)
56 Mistress Cathryn (AZ)
56 ElizaBeth Lacey (MO)
56 Herrin Elke (CA)
57 Mistress Mir (NJ)
58 Dominique (CA)
59 Countess Jade de Sade (NV)
60 Mistress Jacqueline (MO)
60 Mistress Catz (FL)
60 Empress Asia (NY)
61 Prima Domina (TX)
62 Madame Kaine (NJ)
62 Empress Jina (OR)
63 Iron Gates (GA)
64 Vendela Zane (MD)
66 Leopard (MA)
67 Mistress Victoria (CA)
68 Mistress TortuUmma-porn-star">Rella (CA)
68 Mistress Troy (NY)
68 Mistress Octavia (GA)
69 Lady Cheyenne (RI)
70 Ms Divine (CAN)
70 Lady Qitara (FL)
71 Mistress Katelyn (TX)
72 Mistress Ilsa Strix (CA)
74 Mistress Lissette (NY)
75 Maltresse Susanne-D'Arcy (IL)
76 Goddess Freyja (GA)
77 Isabella Sinclaire (CA)
78 Papillon (ME, MA)
78 Master Damien (CA)
78 Mistress Atrix (OH)
79 Lady Leather (RI)
80 Mistress Olivia (DC, MD)
81 Mistress Jordan (CA)
82 Mistress Delilah (NY)
83 Domina Irene Boss (PA)
84 Mistress Samantha (FL)
84 Chiara Scura (NY)
85 Lady ElizaBeth (CT)
86 Mistress Caitlin (NY)
87 Sascha de Vere (CA)
88 Lady Kayla (NY)
89 Mistress Amber (CA)
90 Goddess Dorothy (NY)
91 Mistress Widow Centauri (CA)
92 Lady H (NY)
92 Mistress Gwendelyn (CA)
93 Mistress Jessica Gold (CA)
94 Mistresses Jesse and Ripley (NY)
95 Goddess Satan (CA)
96 Mistress Genevieve (LA)
96 Mistress Smarm Gianchana (NV)
97 Lady Chandra Mors (PA)
100 Mistress Kitty (IL)
101 Mistress Rayne (GA)
103 Mistress Caress(NY)
104 Mistress Nona ((NY)
105 Ama Manor (MO)
111 Mistress Darian (CA)
115 Mistress Precious (TX)
116 Domina Kaij (NY)

iN real estate parlance, these are the only three things to look for in a piece of property. Forget about roomy backyards, plumbing problems Or custom woodwork. All that matters is location, location, location. As any property agent will tell you, a dump on skid row is just a dump, but a dump in Beverly Hills is a very desirable fixer-upper. Too bad some professional dominas don't heed such advice when they look for a place to build their dungeons!
In my quarter century of visiting professional dominas throughout North America and Europe, I have been to B&D chAmbers located in some pretty dumpy neighborhoods. I remember one time in north Florida I was visiting a young dominatrix who lived and worked in an old, rundown, clapboard house on the wrong side of the tracks. I had to detour the half-burned hulk of a car, and sidestep piles of garbage to get there, but get there I did. I walked up onto the rickety, raised wooden porch and knocked on the front door. The doorbell didn't work. Just as the mistress opened the door, my foot sank through a rotting floorboard and I ended up saying, "How do you do?" face-to-face with her studded-leather panties!
Another time I found myself in a rough neighborhood in Hamburg, quite late at night. The dominatrix wanted photos and an ad. My taxi driver wouldn't take me right to the address. He let me off at the corner, shaking his head, saying something like, "Foolish American." I had my camera bag slung over my shoulder and my briefcase in hand. Walking along, two young thugs tried to make trouble, but it's amazing what a sturdy briefcase to the groin can do to dissuade a hooligan! Fighting my way to a dominatrix is not my idea fun, however.
Yet another time I parked my rental car in the safest looking spot in a shabby section of Vancouver, to meet with a dominatrix who sought advertising. The neighbor hood sucked, but the mistress and her dungeon seemed okay. When I got back out to my car the passenger-side window was smashed, the stereo was yanked from the dash and my suitcase was missing from the trunk. Needless to say, none of these ladies ever appeared in DDI It's not that they were personally undesirable. It's just that their choice of work locations was unacceptable. I refuse to knowingly put a reader of DDI in peril. It's bad enough I've had to fight for my camera bag and fall through rotting floor boards. You shouldn't have to.
These were extreme cases. Understandably, there are good reasons why a substantial percentage of dominas' dungeons are in downtown locations, even if she's an uptown girl. First and foremost is cost. If a dominatrix has to give too much money to her landlord, she may not have enough left to buy all the pricey bondage gear and kinky outfits you crave. Second is neighborhood watch. Most affluent, house-proud communities would prefer not to have an SM emporium move in. Everyone is watchful. Down-market neighborhoods, on the other hand, are far less judgmental. Third comes architecture considerations. Believe it or not, old downtown lofts and commercial buildings are much better for B&D play than swanky apartments. They have higher ceilings (for suspension), good old hardwood flooring (for high-heel sound effects), and thick walls for easy soundproofing. Better-located, more-modem buildings,,with low ceilings, overly plush carpeting, and rice paper partitions make lousy places to drizzle hot wax and crank a noisy winch up and down!
Nobody expects professional mistresses to work at The Ritz, but there should be a limit to the risk and squalor to which some low-rent dominas subject their prospective clients. Dungeon safety is not the only consideration. Safety to and from Madam's door should also be a factor in choosing a dominatrix. How can you show generosity if you're robbed while getting to her? With your car alarm going off, how can you enjoy a spanking in your new French maids outfit?
There is a solution. Dominas want good space at a low cost. Submissives don't want to get mugged; therefore, it behooves a dominatrix to locate somewhere that is reasonably safe, cost-effective and spacious, but isn't going to unduly risk either her, or her client's well-being. Think about ease of access, secure parking, and a discreet entry vestibule, without broken wine bottles and the stink of urine. The neighborhood doesn't have to be perfect, but your welcome mat should be. Also, ladies, alert your client beforehand to any perils in your area, especially if he's an out-of-towner. Make suggestions and reassure him as to the quality and security of your inner play space. If he's half a man he'll appreciate the heads up about the neighborhood and he can then decided whether to drive his own car, arrange, for a taxi service, etc.
Gentlemen. Don't spend all your preliminary phone time with a dominatrix telling her what you like. Respectfully ask if her neighborhood is safe after a certain hour. Some parts of a city are still bustling at 6:00 p.m., but deserted and dangerous by 10:00. And ask if there's safe car parking close by. This is why we put this seemingly boring information on our DDIMAG.COM Web site directory! Most important, if you get near her address and you're feeling unsure about the neighborhood, don't just blow her off. Call her again to verify things. Thanks to cell phones that's a lot safer and easier than it used to be.
Believe me. I realize the appeal of low-cost, roomy lofts and warehouse space for B&D playrooms. I also recognize the genuine concerns of someone leaving a brand new Mercedes parked, late at night, on skid row. A little communication goes a long way. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about!
The Editor

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