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Erotika Magazine Back Issue, Volume 1, Number 2

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Erotika Vol. 1 # 2 Magazine


12 Randy Jorgenson
18 Dennis Rodman
26 NFL Preview
74 Roberto Duran
85 Coupons
88 Grace Harlow
6-11 Shauna
28-55 Jessica
40-45 Kassandra & Katie
54-59 Ebony
66-71 Brittania
90-96 Grace

Welcome to the second issue of Erotika, Canada's only men's adult entertainment magazine that has the guts to duke it out on store shelves with the numerous American publications. We would like to thank all of you who showed your support by purchasing our debut issue, and thank all of you who have joined us with this one.
As Erotika continues to develop, changes will be made. Never fear, however, that doesn't mean you'll stop seeing countless pictorials of Canada's lovely ladies! The changes in this issue reflect Erotika's editorial content. As well as entertaining you with hot images, we also want to give you articles that are just as stimulating. In this issue we've pulled together two hot interviews, the first with Adults Only Video owner, Randy Jorgensen, a true pioneer and visionary in Canada's adult trade, and an interview with rising porn star Tabitha Stevens. As this issue coincides with the start of the NFL season, managing editor Jeff Chandler gives you his insights into the upcoming season, plus his predictions on everything from the conference champions to this year's Super Bowl fight. We have also included a section on CD reviews, and hope to expand our coverage of both the adult industry and mainstream entertainment stories in upcoming issues. Of course, we welcome all suggestions from our loyal readers, and would love to hear from you - via mail - on what you'd like to see in upcoming issues. Should we or shouldn't we go through with that Queen Mother pictorial we have scheduled to shoot? You let us know.
This issue of Erotika also introduces our new relationship with Grace Harlow. Our cover girl is one of Canada's outstanding adult entertainers. As well as her exciting photo spread, and centerfold - if you haven't seen it yet, what the hell are you doing reading this! Let's take a look together, we can come back to the editorial in a second...okay, I don't know about you, but a cold shower is definitely in order. Anyway, Grace will be appearing in every issue of Erotika, fielding questions from our readers on anything you would like to know about her personally, or if you're just looking for a woman's advice on something. I guess the unfortunate fact about that is, as editor I'm going to have to work closely with her on this column. Oh woe is me! In this issue we took a question from one of Grace's fans who saw her at Pure Platinum this August. It was a live request, but one you'll want to check out, as after seeing her show Doug was desperate to find out her future schedule. His enthusiasm was such I'm sure he's willing to drive any distance to see her again.
Our next issue, scheduled for December is going to be a hot one - a true collector's item you don't want to miss!
Take the time to enjoy this outstanding issue, and once again, thank you for your support.
Robert Wallice Editor

Special Thanks
Once again Erotika would like to say thank-you, to all the people for their great support and belief in us. For those who believed in us from the beginning a special thank-you: Babe, Jason, Paul, Lesley-Anne, Marilyn, George, Barrie, and Joel; thanks for the help and support you provided. For the people: Lisa, Kim, Janelle, Enzo, John, Adriano, Janet, Danny, Christina, Casper, Scott, Uncle Gino, Paul, Tiny, Jeff, Bob, Danny Go, Mike, Tim, Carl, Darco, Erica, Dennis, Tyler, Ivan, Dino, Mama, Tanya and Lisa, who sacrificed and helped with whatever needed to be done to make this publication come true. Thank-You all!
The Publisher

Volume: 1

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