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Fling Special Magazine Back Issue, Number # 29

Fling Special # 29, 1993, Strip Teaser magazine back issue Fling Special magizine back copy titty bars where bigger the breasy sexier stacked stripers jumbo jugs bunny jo sex crazed wild thing
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Fling Special # 29, 1993, Strip Teaser Magazine


They're all inside this issue: Tabitha, Bunny Jo, Staci, Wendy and many others! The hottest marquee of exotic dancers ever to grace the stage of a gentleman's club, theater or topless bar. Strip Teaser is the new publication to glorify the super-bosomed female who strips for a living and likes it. And so do we. The bustier the better. Strip Teaser takes you behind the scenes to show what really goes on backstage. If you're already a fan of the 2,000 plus gentleman's clubs around the country—welcome to our first issue. Now sit back and enjoy the show we've just prepared. It's for your enjoyment only. And the ladies, as you see, are stripped for action.

4: Good Nudes Tonight!
Where the action is
6: Go Go, Bunny Jo
Spotlight on Bunny Jo Tyler
12: Fan Letters
Strip club tans speak out
15: The Titty Bar Boom
Article by Don Waitt
18: Joe Bob Briggs Topless Bar & Breast-o-Rama
Humor by Joe Bob Briggs
21: The Jiggly Queens
Video photo preview
26: The Legend of Candy Barr
Article by Steve Sullivan
31: Tabby the Cat
Spotlight on Tabitha Towers
38: The Wendy Whoppers Interview
Conducted by Ary Miller
42: True Confessions
The Dancers show & tell
44: 1993's Jumbo Jugs of the Gentleman's Clubs
Spotlight on four biggies
59: Seein' Doubles
Spotlight on Staci Staxxx
68: Breast of the West
Spotlight on Busty Dusty

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