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Game UK Magazine Back Issue, Volume 1, Number 4

Game UK Vol. 1 # 4 - 1974 magazine back issue Game UK magizine back copy game magzine back issues 1974 xxx pix erotic nude girls sex porn 70s sexy naked women explicit photo
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Game UK Vol. 1 # 4 - 1974 Magazine


33 The Ball Busters
girls to avoid
Bill Ruben
38 42nd Street Blues
vice and spice from New York
Jonathon Green
44 Merchants of Venery
want to buy a dirty book?
Martin Greenaway
54 Sure Sex Cures
penile power perused
David Lynne
68 Kung Fu Girls
lady killers
John James
73 The Demon Drink
gargling and gobbling
Tom Targett
86 Peckinpah
bloodbath ballet
Tony Crawley
90 I made my excuses - and stayed
memoires of a Grub Street hack
Simon Viridian
8 Dialogue
personal columns
Arlene Sobel
10 Correspondence
reader's forum
11 Interviews
Maxine Sanders, witch Queen
Francois Strachau & Richard Deutch
25 But is it Legal?
sex and the law
26 Suburban Wives
intimate interviews, door to door
Brian MacKenzie
41 Erotic Classics
Roman, Greek and Chinese erotica
Simon Viridian
76 The History of Madame Etienne's
bordello casebook
Dean Anthony
95 Motoring
prancing horsepower
Rod Collins
4 The Black Queen
a sex machine meets his match
Bruce Banner
58 A Taste of Flesh
sex, swords and sorcery
Jim Fitzpatrick
15 Roberta
Flashers Ltd
31 Lyn
Jean-Luc Provost
47 Helen
Hans Larsson
63 Nicky
Hans Larsson
79 Serina
J. P. Smut

One doesn't axe a long-running, candid and well loved regular like Sex and the Single Me unless one is totally convinced the replacement will express the views of womanhood even more effectively. The decision was taken after a mad journalist friend hit on the idea of a 'door to door' confessional, interviewing suburban housewives regarding their sex lives. At first I really couldn't see him pulling off such an ambitious venture, fraught with such obvious danger . . . but he did and the first of his series of reports appears in this issue, authentic in every detail and fascinating reading.
Yet another monthly report commences in this issue, tracing the lengthy and murky history of the famed Bordello 'Madame Etienne's' and enabling one to evaluate the changing roles of whores in French society. Lovers of the occult will be much taken by our interview with Queen of the Witches, Maxine Sanders. Her views on Black Magic and her notorious husband Alex are absorbing to say the least. Our roving reporter, Jonathan Green, provides an in depth look at New York's sprawling porn parade, 42nd Street, and brings you up to date on the hot spot's legal situation. For drinkers, Tom Targett's appraisal of the liquid life is of value to us all and our sympathy goes out to Tom himself who has long been an executive director of Alcoholics Anonymous, bless his breath. Enjoy your reading and feel free to communicate experiences and opinions through our Correspondence pages.
Roger Cook

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