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Game UK Magazine Back Issue, Volume 1, Number 6

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Game UK Vol. 1 # 6 Magazine


12 The Feeling of Feeling
tactile wiles and guiles
Bruce Manton
22 Violent Attraction
girls who like it rough
Raymond Klein
38 Sex For Sale
a guide from the inside
Basil George
44 Insight on Incest
the all-time sex crime
Chris Rawlson
68 Savage Cinema
blood with everything
Rick Trader Witcombe
90 The Matchmakers
pay up and play the mating game
Don Andrews
4 Interview
Burt Lancaster
William Hall
9 Correspondence
10 Dialogue
how to be sneaky and con people
Richard Deutch
26 The History of Madame Etienne's
frothy french brothel
Dean Anthony
58 Suburban Wives
more intimate interviews
Brian MacKenzie
93 But Is It Legal
sex and the law—rape
95 Motoring
tune in to the TVR
Rod Collins
54 The Fourth Woman
a story told during erection
Tym Manley
74 Night Of The Demon
romance and necromancy
Jim Fitzpatrick
68 Eight Track Men Only
going all the way
Silas Cree
42 Sexual Etiquette
so glad you could come
Roger Mortis
15 Rachel
Pictorial Press
31 Afra
47 Lavina
Rex Features
63 Leone
79 Maria

Those of us who had the grit: experience of seeing Mafia hit-man "Joey" give his icy TV monologue, on the attraction women seem to find in violent men, will be further intrigued by our article on the subject commencing page 22, courtesy of Raymond Klein. On the lighter side of life, Burt Lancaster has long been an interesting one-off. At sixty years of age his comments now are as valid and perceptive as ever.
One cannot fail to be entertained by the adverts for every variety of sexual wares. From the tonnage of books on every conceivable hUmma-porn-star">Uman deviation to the less-than-erotic films and sex aids on sale in naughty Soho, we look at the scene with a penetrating, if cynical, eye.
That much maligned institution discreetly labelled "Incest" has been discussed at some length since Neanderthal times, and our '74 report on the situation brings things up to date.
Having set the mood of this particular issue with "Violent Attraction", it seemed appropriate to follow-up with an appraisal of the more brutal aspects of cinema today, by screen-writer Rick Trader Witcombe.
Roger Cook

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