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Game UK Magazine Back Issue, Volume 1, Number 8

Game UK Vol. 1 # 8 - 1974 magazine back issue Game UK magizine back copy game magazine 70s porn mag back issues 1974 xxx pix erotic nude pics of girls explicit racy photos s
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Game UK Vol. 1 # 8 - 1974 Magazine


8 A Game called Symposium
a coming event
Sue Caron
22 Lolita '74
facts for paedophiliacs
Roger Guelph
25 HUmma-porn-star">Uman Sculpture
cosmetic surgery for all
Christopher Miles
28 Getting Laid in New York
blow by blow commentary
Paul Ruben
38 Sugar Daddies
minks versus kinks
Martin Greenaway
60 On the Streets
Goldilocks and the urban gorillas
Fred Shannon
68 Europorn
blue movie interview
Ian Pemble
4 Interview Yul Bryner
Tony Crawley and Guy Flately
10 Dialogue
telling it like it is
Edward Lancaster
12 The History of Madame Etienne's
last Rhumba in Paris
Dean Anthony
42 Soho Explored
naughty nooks and crAnnies
Basil George
90 Anatomy of Marriage
both sides of the story
Brian MacKenzie
96 Motoring
hot-shot drag-bag
Rod Collins
74 The Satyr of Bellamy's Garden
sex rites on dark nights
Chris Rowley
86 Little Mummers
amorous theatricals
Lem Slinger
15 Marcia
31 Annabel
47 Gina
Serge Jacques
63 Margot
79 Claudie
Serge Jacques

Editorial Note
Our probe into the allure of young girls in issue five provoked a devastating response and despite a handful of letters accusing us of deliberately trying to be perverse we felt much rewarded that the majority opinion praised our level of approach. Following up the theme Roger Guelph's critical appraisal of specific magazines available on this subject, both here and abroad, can be found on page twenty two . . . Lolita '74! Ian Pemble, himself a dab hand at the portrayal of things erotic, took time out recently to visit Holland and meet Alberto Ferro (alias Lasse Braun) possibly the rudest film maker in the world. Pemble's probing interview with the guy reveals all ... and I mean all!
In a totally serious attempt to glean the lowdown from both sides of the bed, this month we launch into an interview series where volunteer couples submit themselves to penetrating questions . . . Anatomy of Marriage is an important addition to our magazine.
Another new series beginning this month is Soho Explored, a street by street report on London's sexy centre.
Sugar Daddies (Martin Greenaway, page thirty eight) come in closer for some close inspection —and where better to get the info than from the little birds who so eagerly sip the proffered nectar. It's not every girl's cup of tea (to mix the odd metaphor) but those dollies who are amenable to Daddy's whims and kinks can end up swimming in minks. Other girls of more immediate interest may be found, as ever, in glowing profusion herein. In a business where inspired photography is the staff of life it is very easy to become blase when confronted by one's tenth 'pubic rudie' of the day. However that Parisian master of the lense, Serge Jacques, never fails to rekindle my enthusiasm for the female form and if his pictorial amid snowcapped peaks with top French model Claudie has no effect on you we convey our sympathy and recommend a subscription to Gay News. Serge, who takes his warmer pictures for us and family album stuff for Hefner, is a remarkable character and next month we will be featuring his life story—a staggering tale of debauchery only a Frenchman could survive.
Roger Cook

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