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Game UK Magazine Back Issue, Volume 1, Number 9

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Game UK Vol. 1 # 9 Magazine


22 Games Lovers Play
feats between the sheets
Bruce Banner
25 Catherine the Great
lurid morals
Roger Guelph
28 Adultery
a popular pastime appriased
Terry DeVille
38 The Bigger They Are ...
a dimensional analysis
Martin Greenaway
58 San Francisco West Coast Blue
sin city serenade
Dean Anthony
60 The Image
the artist's showcase reviewed
Sam Newman
68 Serge Jacques
portrait of an erotic photographer
Richard Deutch
74 Sex in Science Fiction
weird but wonderful
Chris Rowley
4 Interview
whatever happened to Elliott Gould?
Guy Flatley & Tony Crawley
9 Correspondence
10 Dialogue
one point of view
Dean Anthony
12 Bella's Travelling Fun Palace
sex-Western series
Mick Farren
42 Soho Explored
dives, dens and other delights
Basil George
90 Anatomy of Marriage
intimate confessional
Brian MacKenzie
96 Motoring
the biggest and the best
Rod Collins
54 The Victory of Eric the Dreamer
forbidden flights of fancy
Tym Manley
86 Ambiant Feel-ins Ltd.
all the fun of the fair
Silas Cree
15 Carol & Sandra
31 Iona
47 Jennifer
Serge Jacques
63 Janine
79 Catriona
Serge Jacques

As heralded last month we launch forth into a close-up on top lens maestro Serge Jacques, handled nimbly or numbly (depending on the time of day and quantity of French wine quaffed) by Richard Deutch, himself a hUmma-porn-star">Uman being as wild and diverse as he reveals Serge to be.
I have long been a staunch supporter of a small format magazine known as The Image, a sort of shop window for up-and-coming illustrators and photographers as well as a delightful dumping ground for cast-off material by such established names as David Bailey and Lord Litchfield. Suffice it to say that various items of erotic work have caught my eye over the journal's life span and I am pleased to run a small gallery this issue in the hope of imparting to you some of the pleasure The Image has given me over the years.
Statistics are always vital, whether they be bank statements or boob measurements, but never more so than when one's manhood is laid or the line for incremental scrutiny. Martin Greenaway has produced a remarkable piece of research with The Bigger They Are, I recommend it to you so that you can check 'yours' alongside Stu Chandler, Errol Flynn and, would you believe, Fatty Arbuckle?
It has to be a testimony to Game's ejaculatory rise in the male market that I am three paragraphs into the editorial and have not yet mentioned our encounter with Elliott Gould. After his sojourn in the wilderness he has now been returned to the Hollywood fold, a little bitter and much wiser. He has a few pungent remarks to make....
While lesser magazines grope around for the next has-been we seem to be scooping the field as far as intriguing personalities go and in fact the next issue sees us face-to-face with none other than Richard Harris, hell-raiser supreme. Harris has a way with a stanza, a bottle and the ladies. He recounts fond memories of all three for your entertainment next month.
Your enthusiasm for our brother publication Symposium is gratifying and requests to join the Symposium 'get togethers' have come from all over Europe. Having already encountered a totally amazing eunuch, a transvestite and a sincere shoe fetishist our panel of sexologists and doctors are convinced the magazine is breaking new ground as far as greater understanding of these conditions is concerned. Symposium ... one of the most original reads around ... try it.
Roger Cook

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