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Game UK Magazine Back Issue, Volume 1, Number 11

Game UK Vol. 1 # 11 - 1974 magazine back issue Game UK magizine back copy game magazine back issues 1974 xxx pix erotic nude girls sex porn 70s sexy naked women explicit pix
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Game UK Vol. 1 # 11 - 1974 Magazine


22 Nymphomania
another day—another lay?
James Thorenne
38 Foxy Babies
teen scene groupy whoopeee
Adrian Henri
44 Chicago Hooker
personal service C.O.D.
Paul Ruben
58 News of the Screws
cheque book journalism
Troy Goy
68 Transylvanian Homesick Blues Hammer
horror probe
Verina Glaessner
70 Gypsies
a vanishing culture
Roger Guelph
76 Escort Duty
tart or bitter
David Lynne
88 Charlie Is My Darling Manson
Fred Lafferty
4 Interview Norman (Superstar) Jewison
William Hall
9 Correspondence
10 Dialogue
virgin dearth
Reva Brown
12 Bella's Travelling Fun Palace
the gold diggers
Mick Farren
25 The Victorian Hooker
Yolande Fitzsimmons
8 Anatomy of Marriage
high fidelity?
Brian MacKenzie
96 Motoring
join the Elite
Rod Collins
40 The Gamest Book of Records
cunning stunts
Richard Deutch
54 Bamburg
festival of lust
Silas Cree
61 Out of Mind
all change
Reva Brown
84 Rat Race
boy meets girl meets
Michael Black
15 Marsha Flashers
31 Simone Serge Jacques
47 Annik Roger Cook forty
63 Felicity Byron Newman
79 Jackie Samuel Peeps

Editorial Note

The temptation to cry 'Old Hat' when writers suggest features on Nymphomania or Groupies is overwhelming and ever present, so rest assured that our excursions into these subjects are worth more than a cursory glance. Adrian Henri, that international poet of Liverpudlian fame, gives vent to his well known penchant for demure damsels of tender years in Foxy Babies (page 38). Nymphomania, an affliction beloved of the more scurrilous journals and much misunderstood, is carefully examined by James Thorenne (page 22).
In an age where commercialised horror has reached manic proportions, it seems appropriate to look at the fuller figures behind the fangs and leer at the sexuality which is an ever-increasing ingredient in the film mogul's formula for filling coffins with box office receipts (see page 68 for further, tool-chilling details).
Charles Manson is the kind of real-life figure that makes Hammer's gruesome characters into good wholesome escapism. We have a personal reminiscence (on page 88) from someone who met Charlie, and his girls, and lived with them long before the Tate murders blew the lid off his hippy paradise.
Regular afficianados of these priceless pages will notice that our star interview features a director instead of a film star. A logical step, since films are known as much by their directors as their stars these days—and who more than Norman Jewison! In the Heat of the Night, The Cincinnati Kid, Jesus Christ—Superstar, The Thomas Crown Affair and (soon) Roller Ball. A pedigree worthy of Crufts!
Next month sees our anniversary issue and the return of our original cover girl, Stephanie Marion. Since she first graced our engaging pages, she has gone on to appear in the two top selling national dailies, numerous other Men's magazines who followed our lead with slavish sycophancy, and a movie. Next month she returns in triumph in one of the sexiest pictorials it has ever been my privilege to publish.
Incidentally if you haven't brought a Game calendar yet you are not only depriving us of callously required profits but also yourselves of an ardent romp through some of the finest pubic acreage at 95p.
Roger Cook

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