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Game UK Magazine Back Issue, Volume 1, Number 12

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Game UK Vol. 1 # 12, 1974 Magazine


25 London's Little Luxuries decadent delights
36 Let's Dance stripping the light fantastic Basil George
44 Greasy Riders motorpsycho breakdown Jimmy DiAngelo
52 Au Pairs every man should hove one Eva Rowan
57 The Mona Lisa Show lots more—with feeling Douglas Boyd
68 Maiden Voyage mid-Atlantic orgy Roger Guelph
4 Pornucopia aaaaaaaaaaargh? Richard Deutch
8 Interview Ken Russell David Litchfield
18 Bella's Travelling Fun Palace cavalry charge Mick Farren
22 Dialogue essence of cool Rick Witcombe
24 Correspondence
28 Victorian Hooker fertility rights Yolande Fitzsimmons
31 Anatomy of Marriage artistic coupling Brian MacKenzie
41 Motoring snake bite! Rod Collins
90 Oh Brother! monastic disorder Mik Brown
62 The Sibling Song fifty per cent incest Reva Brown
74 The Ring Giver a tale of corruption Edward Lancaster
11 Linda
Roger Cook
33 Sally
Paul Mahoney
49 Maria
Luke Ince
65 Patsy
Samuel Peeps
81 Stephanie
J. P. Smut
93 Lia

Editorial Note

Debauchery is the keynote at this time of year and as my original mandate for Game was that of a high-class debauchee's handbook, at last the month and the magazine are totally in synch in this our first anniversary issue. Where else could you find the magnificent Mona Lisa with her knickers down? Who else would publish distasteful interviews with Shakespeare and Napoleon?
In keeping with our hard won corporate identity we've added to our charismatic karma by launching Pornucopia (page 4). This magazine within a magazine caters to a taste-level which has yet to be plumbed by even the lowest forms of life, but bear with us—it can hardly get worse. Based on a nightmare by yours truly and made flesh by the manic pen of Richard Deutch, this is the first real attempt to cause mass hernias by means of the publisher's art. Try the Lixon/Lovelust confrontation for openers . . . Next month W. C. Fields meets Mary Poppins, I kid you not!
Last month's face to face with the wildly successful Norman Jewison left us with the inevitable problem of 'follow that!' I drew up a list of five directors capable of doing same and up popped Ken Russell. David Litchfield has earned my eternal gratitude by working the necessary miracle.
The Game motoring column could hardly be accused of pandering to the Morris 1000 brigade, having already dealt with the Ferrari Dino, the Mach I Mustang and the Lotus Elite, but this month we've landed the plum to end them all. Courtesy of Rod Leach, who runs the most unique specialised car business in the country (known simply as Nostalgia), we present — quite literally — the ONLY right-hand drive, 7-litre, road-going A.C. Cobra in existence. Check out COB I on our motoring pages (41-43).
One more final word about The Mona Lisa Show (page 57 and already referred to above). Nick Treadwell's gallery has provided us with the best feature on contemporary art yet — and furthermore, these Mona Lisas are for sale!
That little lot should take your attention to half mast, leaving the ladies to take you the rest of the way.
Season's Greetings

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