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Game UK Magazine Back Issue, Volume 2, Number 1

Game UK Vol. 2 # 1 - January 1975 magazine back issue Game UK magizine back copy game magzine back issues 70s porn mag girls nude xxx erotic nudes sexy horny ladies naked sex pussie
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Game UK Vol. 2 # 1 - January 1975 Magazine


26 The Lush Life
through a glass, drunkenly
Graham Marsh
36 King Farouk
royal spoiler
Chris Kyle
44 Bike Girl
death's head confession
Bernice Harley
52 Au Pairs
domestic intrigues
Eva Rowan
68 Class Fetishism
a bit of the other
Karl Schoeffer
4 Pornucopia
W. C. Fields meets Mary Poppins
Richard Deutch & Steve Parks
8 Interview James (Rollerball) Caan
Tony Crawley
18 Black Slave
rape and pillage
Jimmy DiAngelo
22 Dialogue
groupies; a head start
Nancy Bushmiller
24 Correspondence
28 Victorian Hooker
heartbreaking finish
Yolande Fitzsimmons
31 Anatomy of Marriage
Brian MacKenzie
41 Motoring
Vincent Series C Black Shadow
Rod Collins
57 Fashion
Skin Flik
Yolande Ruben
90 The Bullfighter
Colin Leary
62 But the Circus had gone
the adventures of Daisy Dalrymple
Edward Lancaster
74 1994
the rape of things to come
Rick Trader Witcombe
12 Lesley
Samuel Peeps
33 Liz
49 Hella
Hans Larsson
65 Debbie
Samuel Peeps
81 Samantha
Roger Cook
92 Nicole
Serge Jacques

Editorial Note
As we commence our second year on the stands in the U.K. and blast the U.S. with half a million copies, a mood of printed extravagance permeates this new year issue. The launching last month of our dire Pornucopia section has provoked mad adulation from dumbos all over the country, and it looks like we've landed ourselves with a permanent section of inane, loud-mouthed lampooning—much to the delight of Deutch and myself who need the money. If you thought the antics of Miss Love-lust last month commanded an element of charm, then the sight of W. C. Fields humping Mary Poppins this time around will have you applauding uncontrollably — or vomiting to the same adverb. Next month Mr. Magoo and Chesty Moron.
Unfortunately, laughter often takes a back seat to violence these days and Rollerball, a movie chronicle of how our increasing perversity in that direction may soon mAnifest itself in terms of our sport, serves as a timely reminder to cool it. Poised, as it surely is, to become one of the box-office monsters of all time, it is appropriate that Rollerball's wild star, James Caan, should be the subject of the Gameinterview.
Leaving violence for the happier fields of liquid enjoyment, I have often wondered what poisons such guzzling greats as Sinatra and Mitchum might consume if they lurched into my local hostelry on a Friday night. Rumour has it, unconfirmed I fear, that they have been known to order five star National Benzol on the rocks. For the low-down on the favourite snorts of Sinatra and a handful of well chosen big names, take an enjoyable look at pages 26/27—where the undoubted talents of our Art Director, Graham Marsh, have never been so well defined.
Furthermore, and there is more, lots more, extravagant male fashion (two thousand pounds' worth of gear from London and California), a glimpse of that ageless classic the Vincent Series 'C' Black Shadow (repeat three times in a hushed whisper and genuflect towards the Isle of Man), the venality of the Victorian Hooker, the foulities of King Farouk, the sexuality of slavery ... you name it, we got it, plus six of the tastiest girl pictorials ever published.
Roger Cook

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