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Game UK Magazine Back Issue, Volume 2, Number 3

Game UK Vol. 2 # 3 - March 1975 magazine back issue Game UK magizine back copy game magazine back issues 1975 erotic photos nude pixxx hot sexy women horny girls naked sex 70s por
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Game UK Vol. 2 # 3 - March 1975 Magazine


18 Going through the Emotions
strumpet voluntary
25 Moonraker
luxury afloat
Bruce Banner
41 A History of Blue Movies
part 2: Azure like it or not
Tony Crawley
44 Victorian
the convivialist
Edward Cavin
52 The Complete Pervert cows
incest and brothels
James Thorenne
57 Clito
sci-fi sex fantasy
William Stok
68 Company Girls
sex on expenses
Roger Burroughs
4 Pomucopia
Rhonda Parrot's POOP!
Richard Deutch
8 Interview Roger Vadim
Tony Crawley
22 Correspondence
28 Black Slave
the mistress
Jimmy DiAngelo
31 Anatomy of Marriage
generation games
Brian MacKenzie
90 Wild West
cowboys, Indians and buffaloes
Colin Leary
36 The Princess Who Couldn't Say No
part 1: herbs and vices
Ian Pemble
74 The Tale of Willy's Rats
band on the make
Mick Farren
11 Carmen
Samuel Peeps
33 Martine
Serge Jacques
49 Snow Girl
Serge Jacques
65 Loretta
82 Pillar
Roger Cook
92 Michelle
Serge Jacques

Editorial Note
There are certain barometers in enlightened sexual entertainment which indicate how far a medium can go within the confines of the law. The highest readings are always obtained by those with the flair and good taste to treat explicit sex with creative integrity. In the magazine field I hope Game is one of those meters. Certainly in the cinema Roger Vadim is the messiah so we dispatched Tony Crawley—flushed with success after the recent publication of his book The Films of Sophia Loren (LSP Books £4.95)—to pursue the elusive Vadim across France. Success, as always, followed Tony's efforts and you can read all about the subtle stud supreme on page 8.
That fortunate breed 'the company executive' is by now thoroughly spoiled by the numerous perks of high salaried life, and the company car, flat, expense account lunches and trips abroad have long been surpassed by more intriguing temptations. Company Girls is a study you should check out—page 68.
Helpful hints for future 'Under the Counter Encounters' continue to pour into the ears of the unrelenting Richard Deutch, who ignores all and ploughs on regardless. Forthcoming bouts include David Nicotine and Enema Peel who, we understand from the dynamic Deutch, hack each other to pieces during their final carnal encounter. This month we have loveable detective Calambake and Nor' West, the great actress who so staunchly defended the right of Americans to bare their weapons. Added treat; Rhonda Parrot's POOP. (Page 4 if you're feeling brave.)
Mick Farren, one of our most consistent contributors, has recently published his second novel: The Tale of Willy's Rats (Mayflower. Books, paperback) and we are pleased to run an extract as one of this month's fiction pieces.
The erotic visual style of Willy Stok has to be beheld to be believed and it gives me great pleasure this month to run a selection from his powerful picture strip extravaganzas. They do most certainly make the pulsing bulge in superman's catsuit shrink to the proportions of a pair of petite pois.
Enough. The time has come... Gentlemen, the ladies await you . .
Roger Cook

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