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Game UK Magazine Back Issue, Volume 2, Number 4

Game UK Vol. 2 # 4 - April 1975 magazine back issue Game UK magizine back copy game magazine 70s porn mag back issues apr 1975 xxx pix hot horny classic women nude erotic pictoria
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Game UK Vol. 2 # 4 - April 1975 Magazine


18 Stray Cats
wandering wives
William J. Rogers
28 Advanced Voyeurism
dirty looks
Edward Lancaster
36 Nude Wife Syndrome
photo fitti
Martin Greenaway
41 Nude or Naked in '75
erotic round-up
Douglas Boyd
52 Sorry no photos of Hubby, but . . .
contact ads
Richard Deutch
60 Gentlemen Prefer Bums
'English' sex
Basil George
70 Great Affectations
famous hang-ups
Morgan Tracy
74 Bisexual Chic
closing the gap
Dean Anthony
4 Pornucopia
Jane Gherkin and Charlie Blown
Richard Deutch
8 Interview
Roger Moore
Tony Crawley
22 Dialogue
immorality is here to stay
Walter Harris
24 Correspondence
25 Motoring
Silver Ghost
Rod Collins
31 Anatomy of Marriage
virtue vs. vice
Brian MacKenzie
90 Phallic Fantasies
Colin Leary
44 The Princess who couldn't Say No
part 2 the tournamented demon
Ian Pemble
11 Lindy
Roger Cook
33 Jeanne
Serge Jacques
49 Annette
Michel Moreau
57 Two's Company
Serge Jacques
65 Donna
81 Greta
Michel Moreau
92 Mijanou
Serge Jacques

Editorial Note
We hear much on all the media of man's wayward tendencies, particularly within the confines of marriage, and his subsequent indulgences twixt the thighs of any willing female prepared to grant him a moment's respite from the routine boredom of his marital lot. However, very little is ever mentioned about those endearing ladies, be they sixteen or sixty, whO chose to extricate themselves frorri hubby's rather tedious missionary position and crawl forth in exploration of more entertaining sources of sexual release. These adventures frequently come to grief and it is then that we read all about it in the scandal sheets -what is far more interesting is the modus operandi of a would-be wayward wife. How does it all start? A new writer to Game; William J. Rogers, has examined this phenomenon and his highly recommended article, aptly entitled Stray Cats, bears close inspection (page 18).
The Game motoring column tries always to haul forth a steed of real merit, worthy of visual presentation and with enough character to provoke worthwhile dissertation. Never before has that balance been so sweetly achieved as with this month's perusal of S80,000 worth of Rolls Royce Silver Ghost (circa 1920). The history of this remarkable car shows its quality better than any list of specifiCations (page 25).
Roger Moore, increasingly popular at the box office and with a staggering 3-films-in-a-year programme, is the subject of this month's interview by Tony Crawley. Having built a successful career as 'The Complete Englishman' and now enjoying the fruits of years of hard work, Roger Moore took time out recently to talk to us and proved that his word is not merely his Bond.
Serge Jacques, a great friend of this magaZine and always a force to be reckoned with behind the lens, has produced a 'couple' set (see pages 57-59) which is as amusing to read about As it is interesting to study. The short story of the problem daunting the featured male model is well worth your time.
" Nick Treadwell, of Treadwell Galleries fame, follows up his successful 'The Mona Lisa Show' (see Game 12) with 'Nude and Naked in '75', his artists' impressions of current mores and modes (page 41).
And then there are the girls...

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