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Game UK Magazine Back Issue, Volume 2, Number 5

Game UK Vol. 2 # 5 - May 1975 magazine back issue Game UK magizine back copy game uk magazine xxx pixxx back issues 1975 hot horny women classic erotic pictorials sex porn tits
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Game UK Vol. 2 # 5 - May 1975 Magazine


10 Twenty First Century City
L. A. ladies
Mick Farren
16 The Devil's Disciple Aleister Crowley—the Beast ?James Thorenne
20 The Pretenders
fantasy cover
Roger Burroughs
38 If We Has A Queen
. . . drag on TV
Bill Ruben
56 GI Blues
oversexed, over paid and over here
70 Adventures in the Porn Trade
fond memories
Ed Flaherty
82 Tableaux Vivants
rediscovered Victorian erotic
Roger Sewell
19 Correspondence
22 Interview
Michael Winner
Tony Crawley
29 Pornucopia
David Nicotine vs. Enema Peel
Richard Deutch
66 Anatomy of Marriage
sexual engineering
Brian MacKenzie
85 Motoring
Rod Leach
13 Girls and Boys come out to Play
geriatric iapes
Pat McGhee
34 Injunctions
Richard Deutch
61 What if?
frightful fantasy
Eddie Dalmas & Richard Deutch
64 Q. E. D. Burning Man
odd job program
Michael Walsh
4 Louise
43 Ruby
Roger Cook
43 Emma
91 Kristelle
Serge Jacques

Editorial Note
Being a Chauvinist at heart I had always wallowed in the belief that all nude photographic work of any importan was best carried out by full blooded males. Increasingly of late this tired theory has become eroded by event Suze Randall has made some interesting attempts to get in amongst the guys but I can report with considerab, excitement that her work is about to be put totally in the shade by the advent of a twenty four year old la, aptly calling herself 'Fanny' . I refer you instantly to her intriguing study of 'Louise' on pages 4/9.
Some while back we touched on the wild young chicks who inhabit the Rodney Bingenheimer Club in L.A Known to America as 'Foxy Babies' these bizarre weenieknockers had taken us somewhat by surprise wit their awesome lifestyles. Our follow-up to the initial skirmish is titled 21st Century City and is worthy of yo time on pages 10/12 (Live photo coverage by Joe Stevens).
All of us at one time or another have heard the old chestnut about what a G.I. was able to get for a pair • silk stockings and a box of chocolates back in 1944 when the crewcut casanovas had it all their own way
ol' England. Our documented account of the era will rekindle fond memories for some and doubtless produ• a few guilty flushes for any women readers in the appropriate age group. Roger Cook

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