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Game UK Magazine Back Issue, Volume 2, Number 6

Game UK Vol. 2 # 6 magazine back issue Game UK magizine back copy uk porn magazine game 1975 back issues hot slutty 70s porn starlets nude naughty french hitlers love
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Game UK Vol. 2 # 6 Magazine


10 Twenty First Century City
instant sex —just add money
Mick Farren
14 Money to Burn
amaze your girlfriends ...
Bruce Banner
16 Hitler's Love Life
Fuhrer ... my God ... to thee!
John K. Johns
34 Where Have All The Hippies Gone?
writing porno, every one
Sandy Pearce
56 Naughty French Music Halls
vive la difference
Roger Burroughs
64 Raped by a Bike Gang—Miss One Turn
sex games
Karl Schoeffer
68 The Outcall Girls
Basil George
70 Rude Reggae
lewd lyrics
Carl Gayle
91 Do-wop-sha-waddy-waddy
rock 'n' roll revival
A brief taster for the nostalgic Do-wop-sha-walddy-waddy , cool fifties fantasy—can you dig it?
Bob Carlos Clarke
20 Victorian Erotica
adultery in the wedding dress
22 Interview John Wayne
Tony Crawley
28 Correspondence
29 Pornucopia
Gropia Liein
Heartbreaking history of neurotic filmstar's love torment search for fulfillment scandal! Gropia Lie-in.
Richard Deutch & Pete Davidson
61 Motoring
the great Ferrari
Rod Leach
38 Electric Borzoi
communing unnaturally
Silas Cree
4 Anna
43 Lucille
The aptly named Flashers studio present palpitating pulchritude in the personage of the luscious Lucille.
50 Utta
Serge Jacques
77 Olive
Samuel Peeps
85 Marguerita
Roger Cook

Fanny, our newly discovered photographeuse, improves upon perfection with her pictures of the lovely Anna Bergman. However, just to set matters straight, Bob Carlos Clarke demonstrates his masculine mastery of photographic skills with a superb piece of nostalgia entitled Do-wop-sha-waddy-waddy. A wet dream from those rockin' fifties, complete with loose-lookin' lady, funky fifties car and four very heavy gentlemen of leisure. Unless you're old enough to be a Shirley Temple freak, or so young you think James Dean is a Watergate defendant, these pictures will cHime in your memory like Quasimodo on speed.
We've always been proud of our interviews and this month we have Mount Rushmore on horseback John Wayne. Tony Crawley ran the gnarled old battler to ground at a free-for-all in London recently and, since there were no chairs, the real John Wayne just had to stand up.
The second part of 21st Century City takes the lid off L. A. and its `nitelife' and, for further details on the life style of the girls who make it all possible, there's The Outcall Girls. In contrast we offer Naughty French Music Halls, an exposé of that sin city of yesteryear, Paris. And as if that weren't enough we present a knowledgeable discourse on the sex life of A. Hitler Esq. and a feature on the latest status symbol to deck the walls of chauvinist seducers everywhere—money!
Ian Pemble

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