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Game UK Magazine Back Issue, Volume 2, Number 8

Game UK Vol. 2 # 8 - August 1975 magazine back issue Game UK magizine back copy game uk magazine xxx pixxx back issues 1975 hot horny women classic erotic pictorials sex porn tits
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Game UK Vol. 2 # 8 - August 1975 Magazine


4 Little Boy Blue
a porn story
36 A Sex and Motion Study
speed thrills
Rick Trader Witcombe
45 Jet Set Call Girl
high flying hookers
Basil George
50 The Sexuality of Hatred
evil lusts
Roger Burroughs
68 Lenny Bruce
myth behind the man behind the myth
Mick Farren
8 Correspondence
12 The Surrogates
sexual lib
Karl Schoeffer
26 Interview
Harry Reems
Tony Crawley
66 Motoring
Rod Collins
17 Pornucopia
Telly Saliva!
Richard Deutch & Pete Davidson
80 Aldeberan 4
sexual equality?
Reva Brown
48 Ready Teddy
bear necessities
Terry Durham
9 Chantal
Samuel Peeps
21 Janice
Ed Alexander
33 Caroline
Luke Ince
43 Daniele
Serge Jacques
57 Rock On
Serge Jacques
73 Samantha

Editorial Note
The biggest male name in porno these days is that of Harry Reems. Whereas Linda Lovelace, Georgina Spelvi and Co are famous as the girls who have it done to them on film—Harry's the guy who does the doing. This month confrontation with Harry (page 26) is wild, amusing and irrelevant. He may not be the biggest hung, but he certainly the most honest and articulate porno star around.
Hatred is well known as the other side of the coin to love, and yet it is rarely admitted as a sexual motive. Rog' Burrough's Sexuality of Hatred (page 50) is a most disturbing review of man's inhUmma-porn-star">Umanity to woman—and vi versa. Little Boy Blue (page 4) explores the seamier side of the sex market at first hand, a 'confession' by a sexual entrepreneur. By contrast Jet Set Call Girls (page 43) takes off for the dizzy heights of super-expensive sex, Basil George interviews one of the most expensive hookers in and around the world.
In our constant search to bring you the very best of everything, we are delighted to welcome the talents of E Alexander. See page 21 for an amazing example of his flair and expertise. And finally—the news that our international print run has topped the staggering three quarter million mark. Our sincere thanks for your support.

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