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Hardcore Housewives Magazine Back Issue - Number # 2

Hardcore Housewives
Vintage Magazine Back Issues to Buy Printer Friendly Version of Hardcore Housewives Magazine Cover Image and Contents Magazine Adult Database

Hardcore Housewives

Hardcore Housewives Front Cover

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Whitehouse Hardcore Housewives # 2 Magazine

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UPC: 977146053100702
Number 2


14 Meet our under-the-kilt lasses
18 Catch her before she drops her sprog
37 Jasmine's gotta be our choicest housewife
46 Have they won our £500 Couples-On-The-Job contest?
67 Just two of our lusty gutbuckets
80 Hounslow's horniest housewife at full stretch

I am so flattered to be picking the prick-teasers who pack the uncencored picture pages of "Hardcore Housewives" devoted to today's horniest first-time flashers, raunchiest readers' wives and game-est girls-next-door spreading their wings.
Here's just a flavour of who's coming your way in this second sizzling issue (and see how you can still get your hands on our kinky collector's premiere issue deeper in this even stronger photo thriller!) And don't forget too, you can now get to know me far more intimately via my Eve Vorley Fanny, sorry, Fan Club. For just £20 membership I'll send you some of my own full-strength snaps, plus home-made videos as well as my own favourite hardcore malts, and the low-down on getting invites to my own model-packed parties, sex-soaked tabletop shows, and Page Three model shoots! Simply ship your membership fee to me at The Eve Vorley Fan Club, P.O. Box 56, Aldershot, Hants GU11 3YN, and then our funky fun together can really get going...meanwhile, if you don't end up coming after coming so close to the new Hardcore Housewives ahead of you, I'll eat my tits!

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