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Hustler Portfolio Magazine Back Issue, Number # 8

Hustler Portfolio # 8 magazine back issue Hustler Portfolio magizine back copy hustler portfolio number 8, two issues in one, the best hustler articles, larry flynt publication, i
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Hustler Portfolio # 8 Magazine


JUNE 1984
7 The Gospel According to Lenny
9 Show & Tell
11 Feedback
15 Washington Daisy Chain
17 Dear Granny
19 Bits and Pieces
Cabbage-Patch Snatch, Golden Showers 'R' Us . . . and More. Edited by Ric Meyer
29 HUSTLER Erotic Entertainment •
36 America's Prisons: A Ticking Time Bomb
Report by Pablo F Fenjves
42 Ronnie: Good Times Photography by James Bass
50 Guest Editorial Females for Felons
by Dr. Ralph Sturges
52 Doing Time: A Basic Survival Manual
by Mike Canale (#C35343) as Told to Shelley Rubin
60 Camilla: On the Rock
Centerfold Photography by James Baes
72 HUSTLER Humor"
74 Prison Passion by Bill Poynor (#45367)
79 A Young Crimefighter's Fantasy
Directed by Burt Ward/Photographed by James Baes
90 A Crime of Passion Photography by Matti Klatt
99 Beaver Hunt Delicious Display
104 Beaver Spotlight
107 Kinky Korner Office Party by Dana Lowell
112 Advertising Section
131 Sex Play Sex in Prison
by Leonard Sellers

JULY 1984
7 Publisher's Statement
9 Show & Tell
11 Feedback
15 Washington Daisy Chain
16 Guest Editorial Understanding Campaign Speeches:
A Guide to Doubletalk by Douglas Kirk
19 Dear Granny
21 Bits and Pieces
HUmma-porn-star">Uman Ashtrays, Blowjob-a-grams ... and More. Edited by Todd David Schwartz
31 HUSTLER Erotic Entertainment
38 An Intimate Conversation With Ron Jeremy & Mai Lin
Hard-Core's Hottest Duo by Lonn M Friend
42 Mandy: Beauty and the Beach Photography by Clive McLean
50 Outlaw Bikers: Wheeling and Dealing
Article by Michael L. Kelly
54 Tattooing: The Living Art Special Photo-Essay
60 The Picnic Photography by Suze Randall
72 Hillary: Getting Her Rocks Off
Life-Size Centerfold Photography by James Baes
82 HUSTLER Humor
84 Jesse Jackson: At the End of His Rainbow?
Profile by Corky Johnson and Don Goldberg
89 Service With a Smile Photography by Jack CaIlls
101 Beaver Hunt Summer Snatch
106 Beaver Spotlight
111 My Red and White Acrylic Dream
Produced and Directed by Stephen Sayadian Photographed by Ladi von Jansky/Text by Stahl
123 Sex Play Sexual Fascism by Jeffrey Ressner
125 Mail-Order Feedback Hot Tips
126 HUSTLER Advertising Section
147 Kinky Korner Making Piece With God by Leland

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