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Leg Passion Magazine Back Issue, May 1998

Leg Passion May/June 1998 magazine back issue Leg Passion magizine back copy leg passion kinky fetish magazine back issues virgins amateurs legsex long stems xxx pictorials lewd
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Leg Passion May/June 1998 Magazine


9 Fairy Toe Tales
The girl who couldn't cum.
20 Heidi and Romana
Map-making was never like this!
30 La "Foot" nikita
As skilled in love, as she is in espionage and death.
40 The Ultimate Centerfold
Anita Kelly will blow your socks off.
56 Amateur Leg Queen Gallery
Young and lovely amateurs show all, just for you.
62 Amateur Leg Queen of the Month
Linda Calasandro takes photos that her boyfriend cuts up.
70 "Footsie" Doctor
Doctor Daryl has a new patient, and he has her legs.
81 Julie Davis: Army Brat
Hut, two, three, eight, drop your pants and masturbate.
6 Footnotes
Our readers reveal their darkest secrets!
28 Fiction: Girl Toy
A new job requires very special skills.
52 Leg Passion Power!
A Brand-New Column By Mistress Sapphire.

Welcome once again! It seems like we just finished the April issue and here we are with May/June. guess it's true, time does fly when your having fun. And fun is what it's all about here at the Leg Passion offices. There's always something new and exciting to spark our interest and get those "Creative Juices" flowing. The line-up this month is no exception. We've jam-packed this issue with cover to cover Leg Lovelies, each with a special talent, a unique story, and a perspective on life, love and leg worship that's unique.
Starting on page 9, there's another installment of the popular "Fairy Toe Tales." You'll learn the sad story of Ava La Tool, The Girl who Couldn't Cum! It's not that her predicament is so unique, after all, lots of women can't get off. The kicker here, is that she finds a really incredible way to achieve an orgasm, one I bet you won't read about in any other publication. Check it out!
Ava is followed by two beautiful secretaries, Heidi and Romana. They work for a map making company but can't seem to get their jobs done. Why? Because they spend more time exploring each other's Northwest Leg Territory, than they do straightening up the place.
She's part lover, part killer, and all woman. In Russia, they call her La "Foot" nikita, but you'll call her absolutely breath-taking. She's the Queen of the "Espionage" world, and has a very special way of getting men to divulge their deepest state secrets. We advise you don't try her out!
This issue marks the Premiere of a new column, written by the ever-dominant Mistress Sapphire. Each month, she'll introduce you to the real art of leg worship, the kind practiced by professionals around the country. You better believe that this is not Amateur Night!
Usually, we save the best for last, but you might want to sneak a look at page 40 before you read the rest of this mag. By unanimous decision, our centerfold, Anita Kelly, was voted the "Ultimate Leg Queen of All Time." This wasn't a random, men only, drooling in the bathroom vote, not by a long shot! We showed her photos to every woman in the office, and even some we approached on the street. The vote was 100% YES on Anita. See what caused the excitement.
Rounding out this jam-packed issue are some of the youngest, most succulent amateurs we've ever printed, except maybe for last month, and an Amateur Leg Queen of The Month, whose boyfriend gives new meaning to the words "cut-up." And, while you're at it, don't miss Julie Davis, the Army Brat on page 81, and a private psycho-therapy session on page 70.
So long for this time, till next time.
Benjamin Garvey

1997 | 1998

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