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Male Annual Magazine Back Issues Archive


Male # 7
Male Annual # 7 magazine back issue

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Male Annual # 7

1969's Latest Bestseller, Hard Contract For A Mafia Blonde
An Amazing Story Of Treachery And Betrayal, Sex And Violent Death...As Revealing As The GodFather
Newest Love - Making Acts That Really Work
True: A Yank's Fantastic Treasure Expedition: I Fought The Savage HeadHunters Of Vente Lagoon


Male # 14
Male Annual # 14 magazine back issue

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Male Annual # 14

Explosive Double Book Bonus, A Bullet For The Enforce
Savage Bloodletting, Cool Killers And Fiery Women, In The Same League As The GodFather.-Book Review
Sales Girls Housewives Call Girls, My First Time, -10 Women Talk Frankly
A Yank Finds Himself In A Valley That Time Forgot Captured By Assam's Amazon She Devils


Male # 15
Male Annual # 15 magazine back issue

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Male Annual # 15

Explosive Double Book Bonus, Sex Diary Of A Syndicate God-Daughter
A Young Madam's Intimate Kiss Of Death Journal. More Shocking Than The GodFather - Book Reviews
In Tape-Record Interviews 12 Women Tell: Why We Want The New Lovemaking
True - Treasure Crazy Women Of Deathtrap Island


Male # 18
Male Annual # 18 magazine back issue

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Male Annual # 18

The Exorcist' Murders By Convicted Watergate Conspirator E. Howard Hunt
From A Sexologist's Sex Therapy Manual, New Oral Sex Techniques You Can Teach Your Mate
Personal Profiles On The Movies New Sex Goddesses - Linda Lovelace, Georgina Spelvin,Marilyn Chamber
The Porno Superstars A Year Ago They Were Unknown Today Their Names Are Household Words


Male # 20
Male Annual # 20 magazine back issue

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Male Annual # 20

48 Hours In The Life Of A Nymphomaniac, Tape-Recorded By A Hidden Microphone
Gambling And Sex - The Strange Connection
The Naked & The Daring
Two Beauties In Full Color


Male # 21
Male Annual # 21 magazine back issue

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Male Annual # 21

The Bordello Hall Of Fame, A You Are There Tour Through Three Of The Greatest
Nymphomaniacs, Love Foods, Breasts, Pornography, Perversions
New Facts On These And Many Other Fascinating Subjects By Dr. Andrew Wolter, Ph. D.
Dracula: Blood-Sucking Vampire Or Mr. Nice Guy? The Startling Truth Behind Three Monster Legends


Male # 23
Male Annual # 23 magazine back issue

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Male Annual # 23

Washington Sex Secrets: Rounchy Memoirs Of An Exclusive D.C. Hooker
More Erotic Fantasies: Luscious Ladies, Dirty Dreams
Super Masturbation, Starting Your Own Wife-Swap Club
The Rape Of Mavis Martin


Male # 25
Male Annual # 25 magazine back issue

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Male Annual # 25

The Secrets Of Female Fantasy
The Intercourse Tapes
I Run A Lesbian Whorehouse
The Mutilator, The World's Most Vicious Man


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