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Offbeat Magazine Back Issue, March 1966

Offbeat March 1966 magazine back issue Offbeat magizine back copy why married men make bad lovers the last supper in death row the in nobody talks about where to find
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Offbeat March 1966 Magazine


3 It's the Wiggle in the Middle That Counts
by Jack Michaels
4 Charlton Heston Complains: This Just Isn't My Century
by Jake Parks
6 The Bride Who Beds and Bores
by Robly Ellis
8 Soldiers Who Won't Come Home
by Ito Kamusata
10 Married Men & The Single Girl
by Joyce Suthers
12 The Private Hell of Maria Schell
by Mike Dann
16 How to Marrry a Rich Woman
by Mike Downs
18 Dig that Crazy Vase
20 She Threw Her Lover to the Crocodiles
by Mark Fennick
24 Word's Most Unselfish Parents
by Kelsey Scott
27 Insult Is...
by Bernard Henry
28 Confessions of a Private Party Stripper
by Jim Grant
31 Offbeat Diet Tip Talk Yourself Thin
by Jennifer Brody
32 The Last Supper on Death Row
by Leo Guild
34 The Girls of San Diego
36 World's Most Beautiful Explorer
by Ken Krippene
40 The Sin Nobody Talks About
by Eddy Pass
42 Sex Bores Me
by Kirk Renolds
46 The Hottest Ads In the World
48 The Moon Does Affect Your Mind
by Ross Thaler
52 Nadia Jais

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