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Swinger Magazine Back Issues Archive

1972 | 1973

Swinger Feb 1974
Swinger February 1974 magazine back issue

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Swinger February 1974

A Punster Runs Amuck In A Sex Therapy Unit, Brothely Love Or Surrogate Life If You Don't Weaken
Cashing In On Splitsville The Boom In Happy Divorce Cards
Actions Speak Louder Than Words The Silent Signals Of Sex
A Blast From The Past And Future The Coming Of Miss 2069


Swinger Jun 1974
Swinger June 1974 magazine back issue

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Swinger June 1974

Making Out Is More Important To Them Than Make Up An In-Depth Probe Of Today's Sexy Broads
The Case That Just Won't Die London's Lesbian Fiend
A Show Biz Nostalgia Schtick On Top Vaudeville Stars Of The Past Whatever happened To...?
Riding The Orgasmic Waves Of Lust Aqua Sex: Lovers And Water


Swinger Aug 1974
Swinger August 1974 magazine back issue

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Swinger August 1974

America's Franchised Brothel Queen Explains Secret Of Great Success You Deserve A Big Whack Today
An Asinine Look At The Bare Facts By The Swinger's Silly Symposium Streaked Out!
Sand Sculptures Of The Gods? The Unexplained Mystery Of The Great Original
Oh, Doctor! Oh, Nurse! Oh, Nuts! It's Enough To Make You Sick Operation: Balled Up


Swinger Oct 1974
Swinger October 1974 magazine back issue

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Swinger October 1974

Presenting A Super Spread Of Super Gigantic Jeanne Mammoth Mammaried Marvel
Plus A Bevy Of Other Big-Bosomed, Eager-Beaver Beauties
No Balls And One Whiff... An Interview With The First Femme Big League Baseball Player
The X-Rated Answer To "American Graffiti" A Preview Of "Happy Days"


1972 | 1973

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