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Virgins Magazine Back Issues Archive

2000 | 2001

Virgins Jan 2001
Virgins January 2001 magazine back issue

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Virgins January 2001

Untouched Just Legal Teasers
Covergirl Shannon Scared To Do It But Too Hot Not To!
I Look Like A Woman But I'm Still A Girl Inside! Daisy
Nikki's Cherry Popping Fantasy: I Want To Do It In Broad Daylight!


Virgins Feb 2001
Virgins February 2001 magazine back issue

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Virgins February 2001

Cindy (Nude inside and also appears as the centerfold)

Naked Chef: Jezebell Shares Her Recipe for Romance
Belinda Won't Settle for Second Best
Pick Your Favorite Legal Teen
Untouched Just Legal Teasers


Virgins Mar 2001
Virgins March 2001 magazine back issue

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Virgins March 2001

Ready To Go All The Way? ...Find Out!
Covergirl Becky: My Flirty Fantasies Make Me Blush And Gush!
First Time Jitters: Will Penny Take The Plunge?
Just Got Popped! Melanie Shows & Tells All The Delicious Details


Virgins Apr 2001
Virgins April 2001 magazine back issue

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Virgins April 2001

Say It Loud: I'm Cherry And I'm Proud!
Covergirl Ayla: I'm Ready To Do It... If It's Not Too Dirty!
Candid Camera: It Got All Over My Face...And He Took Pictures Of It!
Make New Friends Introducing


2000 | 2001

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