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Volo Magazine Back Issue, Number # 8

Volo # 8 magazine back issue Volo magizine back copy
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Volo # 8 Magazine


From the Editor: VOLO#8 the “Kick Ass” issue: it’s the volume, quality, and diversity of #8’s content that we feel really puts it over the top. For starters we have an amazing fashion set of model Iris Reimer from top German art and fashion photographer Ava Pivot. Ava reveals her subject carefully in deliberately measured doses.This is followed by the Musical Seduction of top San Francisco fashion model Johanna Wischmann by Sasha Meadow shot right in our San Francisco studio by VOLO CEO Shankha. Kelly, our cover girl, is presented in various pensive, sultry and seductive poses by the masterful THTaylor; before you have a moment to catch your breath Stephan Glathe follows bringing forth a sensual reflective set of the über gorgeous Olga Kaminska, Eastern European super model and fencing champion. Fencing, yes, fencing. Taking things back to nature the charming and petite Anna Agapism frolics in an epicurean series in a shallow creek at secret location just off the roadside in Topanga Canyon. And while we’re still in the great outdoors allow Wesley Van Dinter to bring you his unique and beautiful perspective on art nudes in nature. This issue’s VOLO Body is the alluring Leanna Decker, a firey red headed Virgo. It’s going to be take your eyes off of her buxom bod. She is photographed by Swiss born Neah Falco who now calls Florida home. Following Leah is a flirtatious Polaroid narrative of Zoi by mcinnes. Beware: Zoi’s curves are just as dangerous as Leanna’s, don’t say we didn’t warn you. VOLO#8’s unmasked RAW edirtorial features Becca steaming things up in the shower in a set photographed by Shankha on the very same day that she walked into our studio for a San Francisco model search. The final pictorial includes a pair of models whose exotic looks complement each other and the horses they rode in on. I’m talking about Shai’La Yvonne and Nymph who (along with the horses they rode in on) are wearing only tribal inspired body paint by artist Errica Glass. For the first time sinceVOLO#3 we made a print version available forVOLO#7 and it was very well received.VOLO#8 will also be made available for print on demand; see for details. Finally, those paying close attention will notice two new sections: Music Beats by Sason Bishope Parry andVOLOViewpoint which this issue’s examines the Future of Porn in a piece written by Josh Schultz. Rich Cirminello Editor in Chief
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