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Magazine-Empire is a wholly owned subsidiary of WonderClub. We pride ourselves on being the definitive source for adult magazines. Whether your magazine tastes run to mild Playboy Magazines or XXX Taboo magazines, we probably have the magazines you're looking for.

Some of our magazines such as Playboy are sold by grade. However, less popular titles like Cheri are not sold by grade. If you are interested in buying a magazine by grade that is not offered by grade you can call us toll-free at (866) 966-3226 and we will try to get you one in the grade you require. The price will be higher depending on the grade you request.

Magazine Versions: Several magazines have two versions, a US version and an international version. You will receive whichever one we have in stock.

Table of Contents: We provide a table of contents for most of our magazines. They are as complete as possible but we do not guarantee their accuracy. Please let us know if there is something that needs to be amended.

Refund Policy: We do not offer returns nor refunds. Once a digital file has been e-mailed to you and you have downloaded the file, there is definitely no refund since you have received the item that you ordered.

Privacy Policy: We take your privacy seriously. We do not sell our database of customers to any other firms, and we keep this information offline.

Packaging: We pack magazines in a brown envelope that we purchase from Staples. There is no reference as to the contents of the packaging. No one will know what you have purchased.

Click here for a listing of all of our magazine titles in alphabetical order by title (No images, text only).


NM=Near Mint- The highest grade that we offer for sale. Essentially flawless copies with little or no evidence of ever having been handled or read. The very finest copies available anywhere!

VF/VF+=Very Fine/Very Fine Plus- Perhaps one or two VERY MINOR flaws often times from original bundling and shipping. Magazines in this grade are certain to enhance any collection.

F/F+=Fine/Fine Plus- The most popular grade. Used copies that have been handled carefully, have been well protected and preserved with no outstanding flaws. Well above average condition.

VG+=Very Good Plus- Just a bit short of Fine grade (in many cases it�s hard to tell the difference) and priced accordingly. Many collectors consider this grade to be the best value-collector quality without paying for near perfection.

VG=Very Good- Obviously used copies with minor flaws such as corner creases, some light cover soiling or rubbing, a small staple tear, etc. Overall these are above average condition and do have collector value.

G= Good - Average well-read copies. These are complete and unmutilated but have some or all of the usual defects such as rubbing or soiled covers, creases, spine wear, etc. These make excellent reading or "filler" copies, but with the exception of the early issues (1953-1963) they have minimal collector value.

Note: If the grade of magazine you order is not available, your magazine will automatically be upgraded to the next available grade. (i.e. If you order a magazine in Good condition but none are available you will receive one in Very Good condition).

Magazines that are incomplete in any way, have large tears or taping, broken or rusty staples, extensive spine wear, moisture damage, etc. are considered "fair" or "poor" and belong in the trashcan!

All of our magazines are in Good condition or better, and they are stored and shipped in plastic magazine bags with non-acidic backboards.

Grab Bag - You will receive an issue anywhere from Good to Near Mint depending on what we have in stock. Not all issues ordered in Grab Bag condition will be stored and shipped in plastic magazine bags. The majority of our magazines are sold in the "Grab Bag" method.

Call us toll-free at (866) 966-3226 with any questions or special requests that you may have.

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